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In its inaugural year of 2007, Sunwaves began with a modest 5,000 attendees. Since then, it has achieved remarkable growth, now attracting over 150,000 foot traffic participants per edition.

The festival’s lineup has impressively expanded from 20 to over 100 artists, fostering a vibrant and diverse community of international travelers from more than 80 countries.


All-time attendees


Worldwide editions


All-time attendees


Worldwide editions

Start Earning Sunwaves Tokens Today

Earn Sunwaves Tokens for free using your phone. Our app ensures a seamless experience without using any of your phone’s resources, allowing you to participate in the Sunwaves ecosystem.

Expanding Horizons

Explore the countries where Sunwaves has hosted unforgettable events and discover our future destinations. Join us as we expand our festival experience worldwide.

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Grow Your Team

Expand your network by checking your team members’ status and inviting others to join. Build a stronger team and enhance your earning potential together.

Boost your earnings

Increase your earning rate with our boost feature. Earn higher rewards, unlock features, and maximize your Sunwaves Token earnings effortlessly.

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Stay informed with the latest news and updates. Our news screen keeps you connected with all the important information and announcements.

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Monitor your status, level, and referrals count. The profile screen helps you keep track of your growth, badges, and achievements in real-time.


SW Token Utility

SW token utilities are designed to provide exclusive benefits, enhance community engagement, and establish a seamless transactional ecosystem within the festival environment.

Discounts on Purchases

SW token holders are eligible for significant discounts on festival tickets and various on-site purchases, enhancing their festival experience.

Exclusive access

SW token holders can unlock access to exclusive areas and enjoy unique, curated experiences throughout the festival.

Staking and rewards

Staking provides numerous benefits, including additional discounts, access to special events, and opportunities to earn more SW tokens.

Tipping and Donations

By using SW tokens to tip and donate, attendees can support festival artists, creating a more engaging and interactive experience for everyone.

Governance and voting

Holders of SW tokens can participate in the governance of the ecosystem by casting their votes on key decisions and shaping the festival’s future.

Community Engagement

Numerous community-driven initiatives and events will be organized specifically for SW token holders, fostering engagement and participation.

Part of the Ice Open Network ecosystem

Tap-to-Mine technology

We chose the ION blockchain for its innovative tap-to-mine technology and active community of over 9 million users. This ensures fair and easy SW token distribution, increasing awareness and engagement, and enhancing the festival’s reach and impact.

Scalable & Performant

We chose the ION blockchain for its scalability and high performance. Designed to handle a high number of transactions per second, it ensures quick processing for all festival-related activities, including ticket sales and on-site purchases, which is crucial for managing the high transaction volumes during festival events.


What is the Sunwaves (SW) Token ?

The Sunwaves Token is a utility token designed to enhance the festival experience by providing exclusive benefits, fostering community engagement, and facilitating seamless transactions within the Sunwaves ecosystem.

How can I earn SW Tokens?

You can earn SW Tokens by using the Sunwaves Token app, which allows you to mine tokens effortlessly with your phone without consuming any resources.

What are the benefits of holding SW Tokens?

Holding SW Tokens offers various benefits, including discounts on festival tickets and purchases, access to exclusive areas and experiences, participation in governance voting, and earning additional tokens through staking.

How do I use the Sunwaves Token app?

The Sunwaves Token app is available for Android via the Play Store or APK and for iOS through your browser or Telegram. Simply download the app, create an account, and start mining SW Tokens to enjoy all the features and benefits.

How does the tap-to-mine technology work?

The tap-to-mine technology allows users to mine SW Tokens easily and fairly using their phones. This innovative feature ensures an accessible and equitable distribution of tokens, encouraging widespread participation.

Is Sunwaves Token a scam?

Absolutely not. Sunwaves is a reputable brand with a 17-year history, having successfully hosted 34 editions worldwide and attracted over 3,000,000 international attendees. The Sunwaves Token is launched as part of the Startup Program backed by the Ice Open Network, a well-regarded company with a strong community and proven track record. Ice Open Network is listed on top exchanges and is very active in the crypto space, ensuring transparency and reliability.

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